Emily Morgan, the most skilled ITV journalist, passes away at the age of 45.

The News was released by ITN. We are devastated to announce that Emily Morgan passed away at the age of 45 following a brief fight with lung cancer, according to the statement. In addition to being a superb writer, Emily was a loving mother and wife and a true trailblazer in her field. We will always remember her friendship, professionalism, and immense contribution to the public discourse and our industry. ITN confirmed that she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

In 2001, Morgan started her career by writing and reading newscasts for Independent Radio News. She then worked as a producer for ITV under political editor Tom Bradby, covered news in Wales and the West of England, and later transitioned into a political correspondent role.

ITV News’ editor for health and science was Emily. For 23 years, she was employed with ITN.

Talented, kind, and humankind person.

Throughout the pandemic, Emily, the health editor for COVID-19, bravely visited hospitals and spoke with healthcare professionals.
Her reporting was crucial in revealing the extreme stress and pressure that NHS employees were experiencing, and she established herself as a respected spokesperson for the general public.

She died at the age of just 45, according to Chris Ship, the royal editor of the channel.He tweeted, “She was such a beautiful person and a dear friend.

ITV Network News editor Andrew Dagnell, expressed that ITN was extremely grieved by her passing.

We are praying for Emily’s family. much though Emily was proud of her family, she was much more so of her career as a journalist. She cherished them. In this unbearably trying moment, we are sending them our love and support,” it continued.

NHS England also expressed its sympathies. The awful news was received with great sadness throughout NHS England. Our sympathies are with her coworkers, friends, and, most importantly, her family as she will be greatly missed.

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