Embraer of Brazil intends to construct an electric flying taxi factory close to Sao Paulo.

A new factory will be constructed close to Sao Paulo, according to Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, to develop electric flying taxis that are anticipated to start flying in 2026.

The aircraft would resemble a tiny helicopter and have room for up to six passengers, and it will be produced by the company’s subsidiary Eve.

The expected price per person for the excursion is $50–100 (£39–£78).

According to Eve, nearly 3,000 air taxis have already been ordered.

This year, a prototype is expected to be put together.

Recently, US regulators unveiled a plan that calls for air taxis to start operating there as early as 2025.

The electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft can travel great distances like an airplane without requiring a runway.

Compared to conventional planes, electric motors should produce less noise and pollution.

It has been proposed that the aircraft may ease traffic in busy cities without costing passengers too much.

They have additionally been considered a substitute for shipping cargo.

The facility will be erected in Taubate, a city that is 140 kilometers (87 miles) from Sao Paulo, the country’s industrial center.

The drone-like passenger cars will initially be employed in taxi fleets, according to the AFP news agency.

The company aims to roll out self-piloted cars later, but the initial flights will involve a pilot.

Since the cars will only run on electricity, flights won’t produce any emissions.

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