Elton John performs a lyrical Glastonbury act as the sun sets.

As Elton John performed at Glastonbury for his final UK performance of his farewell tour, the curtain came down on one of the greatest careers in British music history.

He sold an astounding 2% of all records worldwide in the 1970s, and in 2021, he achieved his ninth UK No. 1 album with The Lockdown Sessions. The 76-year-old music icon gave his audience a lesson in songwriting and performance, with a set list that never failed to provide timeless pop moments.

The musician, whose real name is Reginald Dwight, has achieved 10 UK No. 1 hits and sold more than 300 million copies. When John released a string of US and UK number-one albums in the 1970s, starting with Honky Château in 1972 and ending with Rock of the Westies in 1975, his popularity among critics reached its zenith. He performed Candle in the Wind at Diana, Princess of Wales’ funeral in the 1990s; The song reached No. 1 and became the most popular single in UK history after being altered and rerecorded.

John continued to enjoy success in the 1980s and 1990s, scoring a number of top songs and albums in each of those years. He has kept putting out new music ever since. He has written music for The Lion King, Aida, and Billy Elliot the Musical, among other musical films and plays. John’s last tour, last Yellow Brick Road (2018–2023), broke all previous records for revenue.

The post-punk band Yard Act from Leeds released the song 100% Endurance in 2022, and the celebrity played and sung on it. After we covered Tiny Dancer, Elvis called me, says vocalist James Smith. “He’d mentioned us in interviews.” He said, “Absolutely,” when we invited him to play with us in a slightly cheeky manner. He struck Smith as being quite sensible. He stated that his goal was to learn. You wrote Bennie and the Jets, I wonder. However, he is genuinely curious and open-minded. He taught me to be curious all the time.

The seasoned performer appears to be enjoying his capacity to support up-and-coming artists lately. He praised Joesef, a Scottish singer signed to the independent Glasgow label Bold Cut, calling him “one of the great voices.” According to the performer, whose real name is Joseph Traynor, “it was surreal and lovely because he doesn’t need to do that,” but he is truly enthusiastic. I’m shocked that he plays my album in his home.

He discussed potential acts to see at Glastonbury with the BBC last week. According to Amy Love of the female rock band Nova Twins, “He’s always listening to new music,” but seeing that he had given us a shoutout was really incredible. I suddenly realised that Elton John’s face was on my phone as we were Face Timing.

As a potential future huge star, he also commended the musician Olivia Dean. The singer, who will join the throng to see Elton’s triumphant farewell after her Glastonbury performance, says that having his praise has made her feel extremely validated and encouraged coming into the weekend. He may have been at the top for so long due of his zeal. He’s never lost that innocent joy, to use Aslett’s words.

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