During the Titanic submersible, UK billionaire Hamish Harding goes missing, family confirms.

On Monday, search and rescue crews were working against the clock to locate a tourist sub that vanished in the north Atlantic while making a dive to the Titanic disaster.

The US Coast Guard reported that “a small submarine with five people onboard” had vanished near the area of the Titanic wreck. The submarine could stay down for 96 hours, but it was unknown whether it was still there or had emerged but was unable to contact. The submersible was reported to be late on Monday, but the coast guard said Sunday afternoon contact was lost 1 hour and 45 minutes into the dive.

Onboard the Titan, a deep diving submarine run by undersea tourist operator Oceangate, were reported to be a British adventurer and a French military veteran and expert on submarines. Rear Admiral John Mauger, the US Coast Guard’s first district commander, who is in charge of the search and rescue operation, said at a press conference late on the sub and its occupants, and that “we have been doing whatever we can do” to find them, on Monday afternoon.

The 96-hour oxygen supply for the submersible reportedly started at 6 am on Sunday, according to OceanGate advisor David Concannon. Concannon stated that authorities were working to send a remotely operated vehicle with a 6,000-meter depth capability to the spot as soon as feasible.

According to the company’s website, on Monday, we are completely focused on the submersible crew members and their families. In our efforts to re-establish contact with the submersible, numerous government agencies and deep sea companies have provided us with a great deal of support, for which we are really grateful.

Paul Henry Nargeolet, a former commander in the French navy who is also a deep diver and submersible pilot, is one among those said to be on board.

The voyage was reserved for British businessman Hamish Harding, a well-known pilot and explorer who is among the small number of tourists who have visited space. Brian Szasz, the man’s stepson, said on Facebook that “his submarine has gone missing” and requested “thoughts and prayers.” Later, he removed the post.

Harding, 58, wrote on Instagram on Saturday: “This expedition is likely to be the earliest and last human mission to the Titanic in 2023 due to the harshest winter in Newfoundland in 40 years. We’re going to try to dive tomorrow because a weather window just opened. He previously referred to himself on the journey as “a mission specialist” in a post.

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