Disposable vapes should be completely banned by 2024, say councils.

By 2024, the government should outlaw the sale and production of single-use vapes, according to the Local Government Association, which speaks for councils in England and Wales.

Councils have officially stated today that single-use vapes like Elf bars and Lost Mary should be banned for environmental and health reasons.

Disposable vapes endanger the collection of trash and litter and put fires in bin trucks.

Because they are made as a single unit, single-use vapes are nearly impossible to recycle without going through special processing because the batteries cannot be separated from the plastic.

The batteries made of lithium inside the plastic can rapidly rise in temperature and become flammable if they are crushed.

The Local Government Association [LGA] argued that it is critical that the ban go into effect quickly because there is a danger that disposable vapes would flood the UK when markets close, with the EU proposing a ban in 2026 and France enacting a ban in December 2023.

The damage caused by fire to the equipment and the specialized handling of the hazardous waste result in a cost to the council taxpayer.

With 1.3 million disposable vapes being thrown away every week, they have also established themselves as a common and noticeable piece of street litter.

Additionally, councils are worried about the effects that vaping is having on children and young adults. It is concerning that more young people who have never smoked are taking up vaping.

Councils are particularly worried about the marketing of vapes with aesthetics and flavors that might be appealing to kids, especially those with fruity and bubble gum flavors and vibrant, kid-friendly packaging. To govern the marketing and display of regular vaping goods as strictly as tobacco, new regulations must be put in place.

The Community Wellbeing Board of the LGA’s Chairman, Cllr. David Fothergill, stated:

The use of vapes, which have been proven to be less dangerous than smoking and to be a useful instrument in the fight against tobacco consumption, is not opposed by councils.

“However, given the fundamental flaws in the design of disposable vapes and the fact that they are essentially unsustainable goods, a complete ban would be more beneficial than efforts to increase vape recycling.

Single-use vapes are expensive and challenging to deal with in recycling facilities, clutter our streets as trash, and pose a risk to our garbage trucks. Children are drawn to their flavors, colors, and advertising, and the consequences for merchants who offer them fall short.

Councils call on the government to act in this way to safeguard children, the environment, and public dollars.

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