Despite outbreak warnings, Monday’s Bibby Stockholm move-ins are scheduled.

The controversial Bibby Stockholm barge is expected to carry asylum seekers on Monday, despite internal health document warnings that many could become ill if a disease outbreak, such as diphtheria, occurred there.

A freedom of information request to NHS Dorset resulted in the release of a draft “outbreak management plan” for the barge. According to the strategy, “accommodation providers should be aware that in the event of a significant outbreak, both staff and residents may be affected in large numbers.” Plans should be in place for surge staffing to maintain minimum numbers.

A man who was detained at the Manston camp in Kent for small boat arrivals last year died after contracting diphtheria.

Attorneys representing asylum seekers who were scheduled to be transported to the barge on Monday continued to file last-minute court challenges on Sunday, claiming that it was not a secure location for people to live.

The Home Office’s contractors for Bibby Stockholm, Landry & Kling, and Global Ship Solutions have created the outbreak control strategy, which has been provided to NHS Dorset. In its response to the FOI, NHS Dorset provided the most recent draft of the plan but noted, “Please note that there is not currently a finalized copy of this.”

To stop the spread of an infectious disease, outbreak control strategies are created in a variety of contexts with crowded populations, like healthcare and education.

A number of infectious diseases and ailments that could occur on Bibby Stockholm are highlighted in the draft plan, including scabies, legionnaires’ disease, norovirus, salmonella, and TB.

According to reports, ministers are also putting up a “plan B” for the contentious Rwanda policy, which has been dogged by legal issues for more than a year.

Several press stories claim that plans to use overseas territory have been revived, with Ascension Island, a volcanic island in the south Atlantic, being taken into consideration.

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