Democrats are ‘desperate’ and asking Michelle Obama to run for president of the United States.

According to a news article, Michelle Obama would have higher popularity ratings (48%) than Joe Biden (36%), if she immediately announced that she would be running for president.

According to a Democrat source, “If Michelle stated that, the race for president would go immediately from a closely fought footrace to a landslide.”

Trump is currently dealing with numerous legal issues. He has been ordered to appear in court cases throughout the US for everything from hush money to a porn actress to accusations of trying to rig the outcome of the 2020 US elections, making him the first sitting or past US president to experience this fate. The timing of several of these hearings is anticipated to coincide with the intensification of the fight for the Republican Party nominee to run in the 2024 election.

However, it has been observed that Trump’s legal issues have not diminished his support from Republican voters, and he still commands the highest approval ratings among Republican contenders. Republican voters allegedly believe that Trump still has the best chance of defeating Biden in the 2024 elections.

In a prior allegation, RadarOnline[dot]com claimed that Michelle Obama’s husband, former US president Barack Obama, had been quietly encouraging congressional support for a different candidate than Joe Biden. This is despite Obama publicly endorsing Biden for reelection.

Obama reportedly recently hosted a low-key meeting in his Washington, DC, office with senior Democratic Party figures.

According to a source cited by the media, “Barack recognizes the gravity of the situation with Joe’s disappointing poll numbers.”

At this point, the president “had hoped to have rallied and come into his own, but that clearly hasn’t happened,” the author said.

He had to intervene because 2024 is drawing nearer, and he supposedly worries that Joe is becoming too elderly and feeble to win.

RadarOnline cited a second source as saying, “While Barack has already endorsed Biden, he’s failed in private and will openly throw Joe over in an instant if he thinks the election is on the line.”

Even though he won the 2020 US Presidential Election against Trump, many people think Joe Biden is too old to hold out hope for re-election. The blunder-prone leader has made numerous physical falls and occasionally has problems recalling the names of significant world leaders. Additionally, there is a persistent rumour that he has dementia.

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