David Warburton, a suspended Conservative Member of Parliament who is accused of using drugs and harassment, quits and calls a by-election.

Somerset’s Somerton and Frome is represented by a Conservative MP who resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment and drug addiction.

When Warburton was elected as the MP for the Somerset district in 2015, the Tories experienced the largest swing in the nation. With a margin of victory of more than 19,000, he won again in 2019.

In April 2022, charges of harassment and drug usage led to the party suspending David Warburton, 57, pending the findings of an independent complaints and grievance scheme (ICGS) investigation.

David Warburton, a Conservative member of parliament, has made his resignation official. He announced his resignation to the Mail on Sunday because he believes the watchdog failed to give him a fair hearing on the allegations that he made unwanted attempts on two women.

After consuming “incredibly potent” Japanese whisky, he acknowledged to ingesting cocaine but disputes allegations of harassment.

Following the resignations of Boris Johnson, Nadine Dorries, and Nigel Adams last week, his departure forces Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Conservative Party to face a fourth by-election.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr. Warburton stated in his resignation letter that the “malicious allegations” and “flawed” 14-month investigation had caused my family and I to suffer unspeakable and intolerable harm.

The IGCS is an independent body established by legislation, and the Conservative Party respects its procedures, a representative for the party said. Since having the whip revoked due to these concerns in April of last year, Mr. Warburton has not taken a seat in parliament as a Conservative, he continued.

“The Conservatives have repeatedly embroiled themselves in sleaze and scandal, ignoring the issues that really matter to people,” said Daisy Cooper, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats. Then they decided it was okay to completely disregard local representation in this seat.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will face off head-to-head in this by-election; Labour, which came in third place in the previous election, is now completely out of the running.

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