Chinese social media fame dies during a weight loss boot camp while attempting to drop more than 100 kg

On June 10, 2023, a young influencer named Cuihua, age 21, passed away when she was at a Chinese weight loss programme.

Apparently dying while participating in a demanding weight-loss boot camp in northwest China, a social media influencer who wished to motivate her followers by reducing more than half her body weight started a conversation about how to regulate the influencer industry.

The passing of the 21-year-old influencer known online as Cuihua has revived concerns about the pressures women experience to comply to traditional beauty standards and prompted the state media to issue a safety warning about the risks of weight-loss camps. Videos of the young influencer working out and running were widely shared on Chinese social media after she passed away in the latter part of last month, even making an appearance on a few state-run media websites.

In an effort to encourage people in their own fights against obesity, Cuihua had been sharing her weight-loss journey with her tens of thousands of fans on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, according to state media outlets in the nation. In a recent series of films where she is taking part in rigorous training, she revealed that she was trying to reduce 100 kilogrammes of weight and that she weighed 156 kilogrammes (344 pounds).

Cuihua, also known by her family name of Zhou, reportedly participated in a number of weight-loss programmes in several cities in an effort to reach her goal and lost more than 27 kilogrammes (60 pounds) in the two months prior to her dying. Although the camp promoted “nutritious meals, rest, and healthy exercise,” they stated she had chosen to restrict her nutrition in addition to engaging in demanding exercise. Photos and videos of the Cuihua training sessions have now been deleted from the account. The local police say they are investigating the death and determining if the weight loss programme employed overly rigorous or unsuitable training techniques.

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