China: The roof collapses on a girl’s volleyball team, killing 11

In China’s far northeast, a school gymnasium’s roof collapsed as a girls’ volleyball team was using it, killing eleven people.

According to the BBC, which cited China National Radio, rescue workers in the city of Qiqihar could be heard screaming out the names of the children as the coach of the middle school girls’ volleyball team waded through the debris.

Four individuals managed to flee the gymnasium’s accident, according to authorities, which involved 19 people.

A father told China Youth Daily that a female volleyball team was practicing in the gym when the incident took place.

The team was made up of students from various grades. After competing out of town, they have only recently returned to the school, an observer informed state radio.

Adult victims were not immediately known, but state radio said on Sunday that the team’s coach was buried beneath the debris.

A relative revealed to reporters at a state-backed media source that his niece played volleyball for the school and was practicing in the gym when the incident occurred.

An incensed father claimed in a video that quickly gained popularity on social media that the government deployed police to monitor parents but no one to provide them with updates on their kids.

“They say my daughter is dead, but we never got to see the child,” the woman said. When they were brought to the hospital, every child had mud and blood on their faces. I begged you to allow me to identify the child. What if it wasn’t my child? the man asked.

This past weekend, there was a lot of rain in the area and in certain portions of China, which led to flooding in some places.

According to a preliminary inquiry, workers illegally placed perlite, a mineral with a high water content and the ability to absorb water, on the roof of the gym while constructing a teaching facility next to the gym, according to Xinhua.

According to the official media, the roof collapsed as a result of the perlite absorbing water from the prolonged rain and gaining weight.

People in charge of the construction company have been placed into police custody while a thorough investigation is being conducted, according to Xinhua.

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