Chief of Wagner swears to remove Russian military leaders.

The Wagner mercenary group’s leader claimed on Saturday that he had entered Russia with his men in order to overthrow Moscow’s military authorities and that he and his 25,000 fighters were “ready to die.”

Yevgeny Prigozhin, 62, declared in an audio message that everyone was prepared to die after earlier accusing the Russian leadership of conducting attacks against his soldiers.

As a result, Russian authorities claimed that security had been stepped up in a number of areas, and the mayor of Moscow declared that “anti-terrorist” measures were being implemented in the nation’s capital.

Prigozhin earlier issued the most daring challenge to President Vladimir Putin since the offensive in Ukraine began last year: “We will destroy everything that stands in our way.”

According to Prigozhin, his men have led much of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine.

The remarkable circumstances happened after Prigozhin accused Moscow of using missile strikes to target his forces, which he said resulted in the deaths of a significant number of our fighters.

The harm that the nation’s military leadership produces must be halted, PMC Wagner declared in a series of enraged audio messages broadcast by his spokespeople. This decision was made by the council of commanders.

He urged the Russian people to stand with him and forbade them from opposing his army. While Prigozhin’s group has led much of Russia’s attack in Ukraine, he has recently been embroiled in a heated dispute with Moscow’s military establishment and has frequently held the defence minister Sergei Shoigu and the chief of the general staff responsible for the deaths of his fighters.

The Russian military ministry rejected Prigozhin’s allegations that his soldiers had been attacked, stating that the assertions “do not correspond to reality.”

Later, it was reported that Ukrainian troops were preparing an assault near the flashpoint of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine by taking advantage of the internal strife. A well-known Russian general pleaded with Prigozhin to abandon his attempts to overthrow the defence ministry’s leadership.

Sergei Surovikin, the head of Russia’s aerospace forces, gave an extremely unusual video message in which he pleaded with the audience to stop.

After Kyiv’s counteroffensive began earlier this month, according to Prigozhin, Moscow’s forces began to withdraw in the east and south of Ukraine. Putin’s claims that Ukraine was suffering “catastrophic” casualties and there was a truce in the war were clearly refuted by this information.

We’re all washing ourself in blood, Prigozhin continued. “Nobody is bringing backups. The Russian military and political establishment’s claims are the biggest lie, he continued.

Prigozhin has finally acknowledged controlling the secretive mercenary company Wagner and even meddling in US elections after years of operating covertly.

In the longest and bloodiest struggle of the conflict, his forces—supported by tens of thousands of prison inmates—were crucial to Russia’s conquest of the town of Bakhmut in the eastern area of Donetsk.

But last week he charged Moscow’s senior brass with misleading Russians about the Ukrainian offensive.

Prigozhin has been engaged in a contentious power battle with the defence ministry recently, alleging that the military is trying to “steal” his triumphs in Ukraine.

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