Boris Johnson: MPs will vote on a report alleging that the former prime minister misled the legislature.

The former prime minister was found to have repeatedly violated the law with his Partygate denials, according to a year-long investigation by the Commons privileges committee. Later, MPs will determine whether to support the findings of a study that Boris Johnson purposefully deceived Parliament regarding shutdown parties.Rishi Sunak has not yet indicated that he will vote on the report’s conclusions.

Some Conservative MPs can choose to abstain or choose not to participate. The only participant is Michael Gove, the housing minister and a former member of Mr. Johnson’s cabinet, who has announced his decision to abstain. Politically speaking, the vote is difficult for the prime minister because he is at odds with his former employer on the list of awards following his resignation.

Mr. Sunak vowed to put “integrity” at the heart of his administration upon taking the oath of office in Downing Street. MPs from the opposition will put pressure on him to accept the committee’s recommendations. But supporting it would enrage Mr. Johnson’s supporters, some of whom have criticised the committee’s recommendations. Prior to the report’s release, Mr. Johnson announced his retirement as an MP and called the committee a “kangaroo court” in a furious statement. A division, in which MPs go through the voting lobbies to record their support, is only called if the Speaker believes the outcome is not clear. Commons votes are often done by voice.

When Mr. Johnson informed MPs that lockdown procedures had always been followed during the Partygate episode, the privileges committee claimed that he had been intentionally misleading them. Throughout the investigation, Mr. Johnson contended that his assurances were given in good faith and were supported by official guidance. However, the MPs found that he had “personal knowledge” of illegal behaviour and had failed to “pro-actively” inquire into reports that Covid rules had been broken during the pandemic.

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