Biden will visit Israel as the Gaza conflict intensifies and rocket assaults continue.

To learn more about Israel’s intentions for a ground offensive against Hamas militants in Gaza, US President Joe Biden will visit that country on Wednesday.

Israel will explain to Biden how it will carry out its operations while “minimizing civilian casualties,” according to the US

Iran, which supports Hamas, has issued its sternest warning to date, stating that it may soon take “pre-emptive action” against Israel.

This is likely to involve the Hezbollah group in southern Lebanon, which is supported by Iran and has recently engaged in gunfire with Israel.

Martin Griffiths, the head of the UN’s relief efforts, claims that the Gaza Strip’s hospitals and healthcare system are “collapsing.”

According to Palestinian reports, 49 individuals were killed in Israeli attacks on southern Gaza on Monday night, including those close to the Rafah international crossing.

Since October 7th, Hamas has killed more than 1,300 Israeli citizens; in response, Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have claimed more than 2,700 lives.

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