BBC presenter is accused of paying minor for explicit photos.

According to The Sun, a BBC broadcaster has been charged with paying a child since they were 17 for sexually graphic pictures.

The unidentified male broadcaster reportedly gave the accused victim tens of thousands of pounds, according to the publication.

The singer is not currently scheduled to appear on television in the upcoming days, but it is understood that the BBC is looking into the accusations.

According to The Sun, the family of the young individual protested to the BBC on May 19.

The star’s family reportedly became upset that he continued to appear on television and approached the newspaper, but they refused to accept cash for the story.

Following the reports, a number of well-known BBC broadcasters have come out on social media to deny they are the presenter in question.

Rylan Clark, a broadcaster, tweeted on Saturday claiming he was not the presenter, stating “that ain’t me babe” and adding that he was filming in Italy for a BBC program.

The BBC Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine has also disassociated himself from the Sun story, claiming that the accusations are unrelated to him.

He tweeted: Just to say I’m really looking forward to hosting my radio show on Monday – whatever the ‘BBC Presenter’ in the announcement is, I have the exact same statement for you as Rylan did earlier: that definitely isn’t me.

After obtaining the information, the business pledged to “act appropriately”.

Many issues, according to BBC cultural editor Katie Razzall, remain unanswered, including how the organization has handled the family’s complaint and whether it was acceptable for the presenter—who has not been identified—to continue broadcasting after a serious allegation was made.

According to the BBC’s statement, its original investigation may have been impeded by the family’s non-response, she added.

If this accusation were to be confirmed, it would likely be the end of a prominent BBC presenter’s career.

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