Australia appeared frightened at Edgbaston as a result of England’s ambition.

Despite their two-wicket defeat at Edgbaston, former England batter Ian Bell thinks that England still outperform Australia and claims that the Pat Cummins team were frightened throughout the first two days of the Test match.

Bell claims that while Australia may have won the first Test, they are still afraid, and that despite their demoralising loss, England still has the psychological advantage over Pat Cummins’ team.

Wisden cited Bell as saying, “I’d even say that Australia has more to improve on.”

It resembled the Ashes series England used to play in the really horrible old days. Australia appeared terrified. I observed that in two instances.

The fielding arrangement for England’s batsmen in the first inning comes first. After three overs, they had sweepers on the off- and on-side. I had never witnessed anything like it, and given that I had just come out on top in five of seven Ashes games, it would have been unheard of for a batsman to be given such a simple choice for a single.

According to Bell, Alex Carey’s first innings at bat in the first innings was the only occasion Australia attempted to put out a fire with fire. Bell continued, citing Cummins and Lyon as Australia’s “only” aggressive displays since they “had been beaten” and had none to lose, thereby giving the hosts the mental edge.

As I previously stated, I believe England’s aggressiveness has unsettled Australia. The only time Australia shown aggression on their own was when Alex Carey was out in that remarkable final innings, Bell remarked.

In essence, they only adopted the English style of play when they were certain they were going to lose. That is fascinating psychologically. Brendon McCullum will notice that, he continued.

Beginning on June 28, Lord’s will host the second test of the Ashes series.

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