At a fundraiser event, Joe Biden compares Chinese President Xi Jinping to “dictators.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping has been referred to as a dictator by US Vice President Joe Biden, who also claimed that Xi was extremely embarrassed when a Chinese balloon was blown off course earlier this year over the US. In an effort to defuse tensions between the two nations, Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Xi the day before Biden delivered his remarks.

The balloon carried two box cars full of spy gear when I shot it down, according to Biden, who said this at a fundraiser in California on Tuesday. This is why Xi Jinping was upset. That is very embarrassing for dictators. they were oblivious of what had occurred at the time. That wasn’t meant to go in the path that it did. It was blown off course, Biden continued.

In February, an alleged Chinese spy balloon crossed US airspace. Tensions between the US and China have lately increased as a result of that incident and visits from US and Taiwanese officials. China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong, Xi clinched a record-breaking third term as president in March. Additionally, Biden noted that China “has genuine financial problems”.

China’s economy experienced a slowdown in May as both manufacturing output and retail sales growth dropped short of forecasts. This raised concerns that Beijing would need to do more to support the wobbly post-pandemic recovery During the uncommon visit by the secretary of state to China, Blinken and Xi agreed to calm down the strong rivalry between Washington and Beijing so that it did not turn into a dispute during their meeting on Monday.

They did promise to maintain diplomatic ties by inviting more US officials to come in the ensuing weeks and months. Later on Tuesday, Biden said that US climate envoy John Kerry would soon visit China.

The two countries’ relations, according to Biden’s assertion on Monday, are improving and that Blinken’s visit was productive.

On Tuesday, Biden stated that the so-called Quad strategic defence team, which consists of Japan, Australia, India, and the US, had caused Xi some concern. The US president said that he had already assured Xi that his country was not using the Quad to encircle China.

In a phone call, he warned me against doing that because it would place him in a difficult situation, Biden recalled. Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, and Biden will meet later this week. It is anticipated that China would come up during their conversation.

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