As wildfires rage, a firefighting jet crashes in Greece.

While fires in Greece destroyed homes and caused the evacuation of thousands of residents and visitors, a plane fighting the fires crashed on the island of Evia.

According to BBC sources, two individuals have been confirmed dead after a jet combating the wildfires in Greece crashed.

The mishap took place over the town of Karystos, which is located on the island of Evia, not far from Athens, and where a fire has been raging for a few days.

The small plane was seen falling to the earth and exploding after dropping its payload over the fire in footage that was shown by the local media, according to the claim that the plane’s wing impacted a tree.

Two airmen were reportedly on board the amphibious Canadair CL-215 plane when it crashed, according to the Greek air force.

The air force reported that two helicopters had sped to the location to conduct a search and rescue mission. There are also a number of ambulances present.

The “biggest evacuation” in Greek history forced 20,000 people to abandon their homes and hotels in Rhodes over the weekend.

Around 2,500 people were evacuated from Corfu as a result of the wildfires, which have been raging for the past week and forced 2,000 vacationers to fly home.

10% of the island, according to recent estimates in Rhodles, is believed to have burned, and more aircraft are planned to return stranded tourists.

Up to 10,000 Britons are thought to be on the island, according to the Foreign Office.

The fires will have a negative impact on Greece’s important tourism sector. It contributes significantly more on islands like Rhodes, where it accounts for 20% of the GDP and one in five jobs.

To combat the fire, hundreds of firefighters from various parts of the nation have been contacted.

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