As the two leaders meet, Putin recommends providing North Korea with satellites.

On Wednesday, prior to talks that were anticipated to touch on military issues, President Vladimir Putin made a vow to assist North Korea in developing satellites and gave Kim Jong Un a tour of Russia’s most cutting-edge space launch facility.

Kim crossed into Russia early on Tuesday and took a train to the Vostochny Cosmodrome, which is tucked away in the forests of eastern Russia, not far from the Chinese border.

Putin responded when reporters questioned whether Russia would assist Kim in developing satellites: “That’s why we came here. The DPRK is attempting to develop space, and the head of the country has expressed a strong interest in rocket engineering.

When asked if he and Kim would address military problems, Putin replied that they would talk about everything. Attending the discussions is Sergei Shoigu, the Russian minister of defense.

At Vostochny, Putin grasped Kim’s hand for nearly 40 seconds and remarked, “I am pleased to see you. It says, “This is our new cosmodrome.”

Putin also complimented Kim on North Korean milestones, such as the 75th anniversary of the country’s founding in 1948.

Kim expressed his gratitude to Putin for his offer and the cordial welcome via a translator. The grandeur of Russia, which gave rise to the first space invaders, will be immortal, he then wrote in Korean on the visitor’s book.

During his tour of the space complex, Kim reportedly asked Putin a lot of in-depth questions, according to Russian official television.

Putin allegedly walked Kim around the facility where Russia’s newest space rocket, the Angara, is being built, according to Russian media. Payloads are launched into low Earth orbit by the 42.7-meter rocket.

Although North Korea has been charged by the United States with selling weapons to Russia, it is unknown whether any shipments have actually taken place. Both Russia and North Korea have refuted these assertions while pledging to strengthen their defense cooperation.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, “as neighbors, our countries carry out cooperation in areas of concern that ought not to be a topic of public revelation and announcement. “However, this is completely normal for neighboring states.

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