As fires spread around the Greek island of Rhodes, thousands of tourists are being evacuated.

Wildfires are raging across the forests of the Greek island of Rhodes, forcing tourists to flee.

As wildfires raged on three fronts for a sixth day, authorities had so far saved almost 19,000 people.

While thousands of visitors and locals were compelled to take refuge in schools and indoor stadiums over the weekend, some travel firms and airlines have cancelled passenger flights.

All departures from the Greek island until Tuesday have been cancelled by Jet2 and the travel company TUI due to the intensifying firefighting activities.

On Sunday morning, 10 planes—seven Greek, two Turkish, and one Croatian—along with 266 firemen and 49 ground-based engines helped put out the inferno. Later in the day, another 15 engines were anticipated.

While major travel company TUI has postponed all outward flights to the Greek island of Rhodes until Tuesday, Jet2 cancelled all flights and vacations to Rhodes on Sunday.

As flames approached, private boats also started assisting the coast guard in rescuing people from beaches.

“All five scheduled flights to Rhodes have been cancelled,” the statement read. In order to return passengers to the UK on their planned flights, the airline will fly those five planes to Rhodes without any passengers on board.

TUI promised that passengers already in Rhodes would return on their scheduled trip home during this time.

Tourists among the displaced are being housed in other hotels, gyms, and meeting facilities. A maritime business has offered to let people stay on one of its ships.

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