Amid concerns about Ukraine, Joe Biden visits the UK to meet with Sunak and King Charles.

Prior to a Nato conference this week in Lithuania, US Vice President Joe Biden has arrived in the UK. This comes after some allies questioned his decision to deliver cluster bombs to Ukraine.

After justifying the “difficult” choice to deliver cluster munitions to Kyiv on Monday morning, Mr. Biden will first meet with the prime minister in Downing Street.

Following the announcement of the cluster bombs on Friday, Mr. Sunak has not specifically criticized his US counterpart; nevertheless, on Saturday, he noted that the UK was one of the 123 nations that had ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions, an international agreement that forbids the development or deployment of the weapons.

But other US allies have gone far further. New Zealand, a member of NATO, warned on Sunday that the munitions may “hugely damage innocent people.”

Cluster bombs often disperse a large number of smaller bomblets that can kill anyone anywhere. Bomblets that have not yet exploded can remain on the ground for several years before going off.

According to the US, Kyiv has written assurances that Ukrainian military won’t use the weaponry in Russia or in populated regions.

King Charles and Mr. Biden will have their first meeting since the King’s crowning while they are both in the UK.

The Nato military alliance, which consists of 31 Western countries, will then have meetings in Vilnius on Tuesday and Wednesday. The agenda will include increasing ammo stockpiles and examining defense strategies.

Since joining in April, Finland will attend its first summit; attempts for Sweden to follow suit have been thwarted by Turkey, which charges Sweden of harboring terrorists. Mr. Sunak is anticipated to offer assistance to Mr. Biden in his efforts to negotiate a settlement with Turkey.

In a statement to CNN, Mr. Biden referred to Kiev’s application as “premature” and said, “I don’t think it’s ready for membership in Nato.”

According to John Kerry, Mr. Biden’s special envoy on climate change, the environment will be a “critical component” of their discussions. Trade and artificial intelligence are also potential topics of conversation.

Mr. Biden will subsequently be given a pageantry show at Windsor Castle, despite the fact that it is not a formal official visit.

Before having tea with Charles, he will be given a royal salute and hear the US national hymn by the Welsh Guards.

Beginning on Tuesday, both Mr. Biden and Mr. Sunak will be present for the NATO discussions focused on Ukraine and its application to join the defense alliance.

The president will probably also be questioned by allies about why he is delivering cluster bombs to Kiev despite the fact that the Convention on Cluster bombs has been ratified by two-thirds of Nato countries.

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