After getting sucked by the engine of a Delta flight, a Texas airport worker passes away.

At the airport in San Antonio, David Renner, 27, lost his life when he crossed in front of a taxiing Delta Air Lines plane. Authorities have discovered that the Texas airport worker who died after being pulled inside a jet engine last week committed suicide. National Transportation Safety Board representatives announced that they had no plans to look into the death of 27-year-old David Renner, effectively putting a stop to the weekend’s hotly debated case.

According to a federal agency official, “neither the airport nor the aircraft had any operational safety issues.” The local medical examiner’s office was able to identify Renner on Monday. He was employed by a company that manages ground operations at the international airport of San Antonio for Delta Air Lines and other airlines. At around 10.25 p.m. on Friday, Renner was absorbed into the one engine that was still functioning on a Delta Air Lines jet that had just landed at the airport from Los Angeles.

It looked Renner had purposefully stepped in front of the live engine of the aforementioned jet. According to the local medical examiner, who communicated those conclusions to the NTSB, Renner died from blunt and sharp force injuries, and an autopsy determined that the wounds were the result of a suicide.

Despite what could seem to be some similarities, the conclusions reached by authorities about Renner’s death set it apart significantly from that of Courtney Edwards, an airport worker from Montgomery, Alabama, who died on New Year’s Eve of last year and whose death they determined was an accident and a violation of safety regulations on the part of the jet operator.

Unifi Aviation, Renner’s company, has stated that it is extremely sorry by the worker’s passing. The statement from Unifi said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased, and we are still committed to assisting and seeing to the needs of our local staff.

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