After criticism, the UK has raised the salary requirement for family visas.

The BBC stated that the UK government has backed down from its intentions to increase the wage required to bring family members into the nation from GBP38,700 to GBP29,000 in response to strong public outcry.

The hike from the existing amount of GBP18,600, which was announced earlier this month as part of an effort to curb net migration, shocked an estimated 300,000 non-Britons, many of whom were Indians.

Lord Sharpe of Epsom confirmed the plan change in response to a parliamentary query.

He announced that the threshold would now increase to GBP 29,000 in the spring, with further increases to come “in incremental stages” in order to provide “predictability”.

He also mentioned that there were plans to raise it to GBP34,500 and then £38,700 in the future, but specific dates were not provided.

The opposition Labour party responded to the reversal by claiming that it demonstrated “Tory government chaos”.

Ministers were not properly consulted on the new threshold, according to shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper, who also added that “it’s no surprise they are now rowing back in a hurry.”

After net migration, or the difference in the number of people entering and departing the UK, reached a record 745,000 last year, the government was under pressure to reduce arrival numbers.

The new criterion may contribute in the “low tens of thousands” to the government’s overall goal of reducing legal migration by 300,000 this year, according to a strategy document.

Official data shows that in the year ending in September, 82,395 family-related visas were granted, with 79% going to partners, 13% to children, and 8% to other relatives.

A campaign group on UK immigration regulations called Reunite Families UK argued that the new GBP29,000 barrier was still “extremely costly for most families” and vowed to take the government to court over the wage cap.

The organization claimed that it was “baffling” that the government had decided to raise the bar gradually and that “the method is already sufficiently complex without this too.”

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