According to Russia, Ukraine attacked Crimea with missiles.

In an attack on the base of its Black Sea fleet in Crimea, Russia claims that Ukraine fired 10 missiles and three unmanned boats.

24 people were hurt as a result of the attack’s big fire at a shipyard in Sevastopol, according to Russia.

The majority of the weapons, according to Mikhail Razvozhayev, the governor established by Moscow,

According to Russia, cruise missile strikes caused damage to two of its ships.

In a picture sent by Mr. Razvozhayev on Telegram, flames can be seen engulfing what looks to be a ship at a port while he is standing there talking on his phone.

Although it is believed to be in a ship repair area, it is unknown if any ships in dry dock, possibly an underwater vessel, have been harmed.

Images circulating on social media, which the BBC has not yet confirmed, depict a number of significant explosions nearby.

Moscow will be extremely concerned by the fact that some missiles managed to breach Russia’s air defenses and appear to have caused significant damage.

According to the nation’s defense ministry, all three unmanned boats and seven of the missiles were shot down. Ukraine has not yet responded to the attack in Crimea.

The conflict over maritime dominance is evident in this attack, which occurred after Russia forcibly invaded Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. Regaining control of the peninsula has always been Ukraine’s stated ultimate goal.

Although Ukraine has previously attacked Sevastopol and the Black Sea fleet, this appears to be one of its most deliberate attacks to date. There are still unanswered questions regarding the armaments used in this strike; while long-range missiles from the West have been proposed, Ukrainian-made Neptune missiles may possibly have been employed.

Famously, the Moskva, the Black Sea fleet’s flagship, was sunk by Neptune missiles.

In the meantime, it has been claimed that Russian drones have harmed the Ukrainian grain port of Izmail on the Danube River.

Oleh Kiper, the region’s governor, reported that the attack, which started a fire and destroyed the infrastructure, had left six people hurt.

According to Mr. Kiper on Telegram, several drone groups were launched in the Izmail district.

Sadly, there were impacts, and it was noted that the port and other civic facilities were damaged.

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