According to Pope Francis, “the church is open to everyone,” including LGBT people, “but there are laws.”

On Sunday, Pope Francis delivered some new remarks regarding the position of the LGBT community inside the Catholic Church.

Francis declared that the Church was “open to everyone” when speaking at a Catholic youth meeting over the weekend in Portugal.

On Sunday, reporters questioned him about whether or not that was illogical given that some sacraments are not available to everyone.

That appeared to be a reference to the prohibition against women serving as priests and the prohibition against gay marriage.

Francis’ answer was:

To put it simply, as you suggested, “The Church is open to everyone, then there are regulations that regulate life within the church, and someone who is within and respects the rules cannot offer sacraments.

The Church is the mother, and it guides everyone in their own way; therefore, this does not imply that it is closed. Everyone encounters God in the Church in their own way.

The Church claims that while there is nothing wrong with same-sex attraction, same-sex activities are.

Since assuming office, the 86-year-old pope has had to strike a fine balance between winning over more liberal followers and not upsetting conservatives. This includes providing more high-ranking positions to women, who the Church maintains cannot become priests since Jesus only picked men to be his disciples.

He backs legislation that grants same-sex couples rights in areas like pensions, but he hasn’t gone so far as to reverse teachings that demand chastity for those who are attracted to people of the same sex.

As he was flying back to Rome from the youth festival in Portugal, Francis made his remarks while fielding questions at his regular rambunctious post-trip press conference.

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