According to Anton Du Beke, his father stabbed him when he was a child.

After years of dread at home, the 57-year-old Strictly Come Dancing judge, Anton Du Beke, has disclosed that he was once stabbed by his inebriated father.

Because of his fantasies about ballroom dancing, Dad Antal called the 57-year-old Strictly Come Dancing judge homosexual.

Du Beke recalled the incident, saying, “It was a stupid circumstance; I got stabbed in the stomach and leg as a result of a brawl on Boxing Day.

“When a police car drove by and I waved at them, saying, “He’s in there with a knife,” I walked out of the house and up to the hospital while holding my leg.”

“They carted him off, and I was in the hospital for the next three or four days.” The disgrace of having to perform in the dancing class again was my biggest concern.”

In a candid and emotional statement on Kate Garraway’s Life Stories, Du Beke stated that, as this is the first time he has talked about the incident from his youth, his friends and family will probably be shocked by the discoveries.

The Strictly judge, who grew up on a council estate in Sevenoaks and was born to a Hungarian father and Spanish mother, first noticed his talent for dancing when he picked up his sister from the neighborhood dance studio.

Father Antal ‘made a turn’ towards Du Beke when drinking took hold of him, despite his mother’s support for his new interest.

The violence and drinking, according to Du Beke, were directed at him because he was a young man and I was a boy.

Because your father is an alcoholic, there will unavoidably be arguments and other problems in the home while he drinks.

“You’d move to get away from it all, and then he follows you in. The violence started the next thing you knew, and one evening it came to a head, and I spent three days in the hospital.”

Embarrassed, Anton Du Beke claimed he had told them he had “pulled a hamstring” in response to questions concerning his leg condition.

“I find it hard to comprehend that I’m discussing this with you. “I ought to have ignored this,” Du Beke said to Garraway. “It bothers me even to think about that [the attack] being a thing.”

Garraway clarified that Du Beke’s father did not attend his father’s funeral after the father was found not guilty in court of hurting his son.

He declared, “I just wanted to be me. I desired a new beginning and a fresh start. I wanted to leave behind everything that had come before and move on with the rest of my life.”

Du Beke clarified that his father was not the source of his drive for success.

He replied, “I detest you. Woe is me.” “I never looked to him for validation or inspiration, and I never took any action as a result of him. That was not what drove me to act in the way that I did.”

Before officially succeeding retiring judge Bruno Tonioli in 2021, Du Beke was the Strictly dancer with the longest tenure.

Over the years, he has dated politicians Ann Widdecombe and Jacqui Smith, a former home secretary, and Emma Barton from soap operas.

This year, TV broadcaster Garraway succeeded Piers Morgan as the host of ITV’s Life Stories series.

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