According to a US government internal memo, banging noises were reported during the Titan hunt.

An official US government letter on the hunt claims that on Tuesday, sonar detected banging sounds coming from below the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean while looking for a submersible with five persons on board that vanished two days earlier while diving to the Titanic debris.

Based on the document provided, it was unknown when the banging was heard Tuesday or for how long.According to that report, a Canadian P3 plane also discovered a white rectangular object in the water; however, another ship intended to investigate was diverted to assist with the acoustic feedback investigation.

The shift of resources to investigate the source of underwater noises was prompted, according to the US Coast Guard, by the discovery of those noises by a Canadian P-3 aircraft. However, the agency stated that their “searches have turned up no results.”

The US Coast Guard stated that the data from the P-3 aircraft had also been given to its U.S. Navy experts for additional study, which would be taken into account in subsequent search plans. A US Navy official announced that the service is deploying subject matter specialists and a “Flyaway Deep Ocean Salvage System” to assist with the rescue effort for the business submersible, which vanished on Sunday morning and had just over 30 hours of oxygen left as of Tuesday night.

The device has the ability to lift and recover small submersibles as well as other substantial, heavy, and huge underwater objects. By Tuesday night, the spokesperson predicted that the team and equipment will be in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The search for the 21-foot submersible is being aided by the addition of more aircraft and ships from the Royal Canadian Air Force and the US Coast Guard. A Canadian pipe-laying ship with submerged abilities, along with additional vessels and aircraft, are among the fleet of capabilities joining the operation.

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