A man from Japan who turned into a dog claims that people were “misinformed” about him.

The Japanese guy who spent about $15,000 (two million yen) on a specially designed hyperrealistic costume to resemble a border collie claims that people are “misinformed” about the notion that he wants to “live like a dog.”

The man who went by the name Toco claimed that he only wears the outfit occasionally, once a week, and almost exclusively at home.

My desire to transform into an animal is comparable to the desire to… Toco admitted to having a desire to be someone she was not to The New York Post.

Tuco said that he was “sad” about the internet trolls who were harassing him because of his strange hobby.

“Just knowing people can think that makes me sad. I enjoy playing the part of a collie because I adore animals, Tuco stated.

“Since this is my pastime, I shall continue. It makes people like me and other people happy.

The Japanese added that his family had welcomed him with his peculiarity intact and that he had not expected such a strong reaction to his “hobby.

“The family was astonished, but they were pleased. I am overjoyed that they agreed.

Last month, Toco gained notoriety when images and videos of him in the costume, moving around on all fours, and socializing with other dogs went viral on social media. Before it was revealed that Toco was wearing a costume, the public initially thought that he had changed into a dog.

In the “I want to be an animal” movies posted on his YouTube account, Toco could be seen rolling around on the floor, walking down the street, and sniffing other dogs that were present in a park. Since then, the video has received approximately 20 million views, and his channel now has 51,000 subscribers.

“Nice to meet you,” Toco wrote in a series of written messages translated from Japanese as part of his introduction on his YouTube account. I wanted to be an animal, so I became a rough (sic) collie. In the comments, please let me know which video you would like to see.

Toco admitted that he has been keeping his human identity a secret since he doesn’t want his friends and acquaintances to judge him for his new appearance.

Tuco reportedly needed more than 40 days and several changes to perfect the costume. It was created by Zeppet, a business that specializes in creating costumes for TV advertisements and programs.

According to a company spokeswoman, it replicates the appearance of a genuine dog walking on four legs and is modeled after a collie dog.

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