A farmer claims selfie-takers in Gower pushed a pony off a cliff.

A new-born foal died after falling to its death from a cliff due to people taking pictures with ponies at a popular tourist destination, according to a farmer.

In Gower, Swansea, visitors are currently being told not to pet the horses.

The family of farmer Nicky Beynon has taken care of the livestock as they have been allowed to graze on the cliffs for generations.

However, he is now unsure of their future after three of his ponies died in automobile accidents last year and continued harassment by visitors.

The countryside code, a set of rules created to help the public enjoy outdoor spaces, has been requested by the National Trust conservation charity.

Farmer in Llangennith and Rhossili Mr. Beynon, 60, claims that visitors wanting to pet and snap up-close selfies with his gypsy cob ponies have swamped them.

They all want to take pictures, but none of them realize how much stress they are causing the animals, according to Mr. Beynon.

He claimed that the foal passed away in April.

The baby’s mother gave birth a few hundred yards from the cliff’s edge, and Mr. Beynon claimed that as others crowded around them to take pictures, she was pushed ever closer to the brink.

The newborn is suddenly stumbling to its feet, attempting to learn how to stand up, and trips over the edge, according to him.

She’s a really sharp-tongued and sensitive mare that lost her foal over the cliff. Before I discovered the foal, she had crossed over about 30 minutes earlier and was acting irrationally.

She was aware the foal had just disappeared.

The farmer claimed that in order for his mares to safely give birth, he had to take them all home following the incident.

Because someone had flown a drone about 10 feet above her in 2022, Mr. Beynon was forced to remove the ponies from the headland.

He stated that the pony was sort of turning around, trying to figure out where this noise was coming from.

According to Mr. Beynon, the person operating the drone was oblivious to the strain he was placing on the pony.

Every day, he added, people fly drones there, and these machines can capture video from distances of up to hundreds of feet away. There’s no need to approach the horse so closely or touch it.

As a result of numerous dog assaults, including one in which a sheep was devoured alive by a person’s pet Alsatian, Mr. Beynon has already been forced to discontinue grazing sheep on the headland.

From her home in Swansea, Louise Church, 47, said she frequently visits the area and has stepped in several times to stop people from frightening the horses.

She recalled stopping a man who was pursuing a pony in April, right before the foal passed away, so she could take his picture.

They are foreigners. She claimed they were wild animals.

And just four weeks ago, while out for a walk with her dog, she recalled seeing a family with a three-year-old child who approached the horse’s rear legs and stroked them.

The parents were unaware, according to Ms. Church.

She would have been in big trouble if the horse had kicked her.

The National Coastwatch Institution, located on the cliff, claimed it has to warn visitors to keep their distance from the ponies on a daily basis.

The organization wrote on social media that they had recently had to drive a young woman to the parking lot after she got attacked by a stallion close to their hut. We provided the best first aid we could, but she had trouble walking.

The region is home to a variety of unique animals, including cattle that graze freely throughout the common land and meadows, according to National Trust Cymru, Gower.

It requested that everyone abide by the countryside code’s rules.

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