A Dallas girl, 17, was charged with murder several hours after an Amber alert was issued for her.

Prior to being charged with the September 1 murder of Arturo Pena, 21, Natalie Navarro momentarily vanished.

A 17-year-old Dallas girl was charged with murder a few hours after an Amber alert was issued for her. Before being accused of killing Arturo Pena, 21, on Friday, September 1, Natalie Navarro, 17, momentarily vanished. Three days after Arturo was discovered shot dead inside a car in Garland, Texas, Natalie was taken into custody. In connection with the incident, police are also hunting for Yordy Martinez, 21.

Yordy was one of the people named as suspects in Natalie’s disappearance at the time the Amber alert was sent out. According to the Daily Mail, at about 1:30 a.m., police learned that Natalie had vanished under “suspicious circumstances” from an apartment building in east Dallas.

At the time the Amber alert was sent, Natalie and Yordy were wanted on warrants for Arturo’s murder. Yordy may have escaped through the US-Mexico border, it is thought. Yordy is thought to have escaped in a four-door, dark gray car.

More information about what caused Arturo’s murder and Natalie’s arrest has not yet been made available by Garland Police. The three parties engaged in the incident—Natalie, Arturo, and Yordy—were known to one another, according to the police, who have stated that they are “trying to figure out exactly” how they met.

After an Amber alert was issued for Natalie, police quickly tracked her down and detained her. She was afterwards described by police as “safe and in custody.”

According to the police, Yordi, who is still at large, has a history of offenses, including a felony indictment for allegedly firing a gun into a Garland home in November of last year. He has been said to be missing a tooth.

The Garland Police Department’s Lt. Richard Maldonado stated, “There’s a lot of stuff going out; we’ve collected a lot of evidence, so we’re trying to process everything right now. Investigators “have yet to fully determine” a motive, he continued.

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