A 69-year-old Oregon man enters the FBI office and confesses to brutally killing and raping Susan Marcia Rose in 1979.

Prosecutors claim that a guy who purportedly voluntarily confessed to the murder and rape of a young woman in Boston in 1979 is now in jail.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office reported on Monday that Susan Marcia Rose, a 24-year-old woman with red hair, was killed at an apartment building in Boston’s Back Bay district on October 30, 1979.

Prosecutors claim that in August, 68-year-old John Irmer of Oregon entered the FBI office in Portland and informed authorities that he had met a woman with red hair around Halloween 1979 at a Boston skating rink.

Irmer claimed that he and the woman entered the 285 Beacon Street building while it was being renovated. Prosecutors claim that Irmen then picked up a hammer and fatally struck the woman in the head before raping her.

Irmer claimed that the day following the murder, he left Boston for New York.

A separate guy was detained and tried for Rose’s murder, but he was declared innocent in 1981, according to the prosecution.

According to Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden, this was a terrible, cold-blooded murder made worse by the reality that a person was accused, put on trial, and thankfully found not guilty while the real murderer stayed mute up until this point.

Investigators allegedly collected a DNA sample from Irmer after the claimed confession and discovered that it matched DNA samples from the crime scene.

Irmer was formally charged with murder on Monday.

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