A 13-year-old boy who fell 100 feet from the Grand Canyon is still alive.

On a family excursion to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, a 13-year-old kid managed to survive a fall of almost 100 feet.

Wyatt Kauffman’s Tuesday slip-and-fall at the Bright Angel Point route took rescuers two hours to complete, according to the authorities.

Nine shattered vertebrae, a ruptured spleen, a collapsed lung, a concussion, a broken hand, and a dislocated finger were all treated by the adolescent by air transport to a hospital in Las Vegas.

According to Wyatt, who was standing on the ledge, he was stepping aside to allow others to take photos.

Wyatt made this statement to Phoenix TV station KPNX. I was perched on a rock with my hands on it. It was in my sole possession.

It wasn’t a very strong grip. It seemed to be putting pressure on me. I lost my grip, and I started to sink back, he declared.

To pull the injured youngster out of the canyon in a basket, rescuers had to abseil down the cliff.

I just vaguely recall waking up, being in the back of an ambulance or a helicopter, and then boarding an aircraft to get to the hospital, according to Wyatt, a resident of Casselton, North Dakota.

When he learned about his son’s fall and rescue, Brian Kauffman was in North Dakota.

The adolescent was safely brought to the rim with the aid of a National Park Service search and rescue crew.

We are incredibly appreciative of everyone’s efforts. In such circumstances, two hours are an eternity, according to Brian Kauffman.

Wyatt and his mother, he claimed, were visiting national parks at the time the Grand Canyon collapsed.

Mr. Kauffman reported that his son was taken home by a driver after being released from the hospital on Saturday. On Tuesday, Wyatt and his mother were supposed to arrive in Casselton.

We’re really fortunate that our child is traveling home in the front seat of a car and not a box, Mr. Kauffman told KPNX.

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