26-year-old beauty queen Ariana Viera died in an accident after posting a chilling message.

A beauty queen Ariana Viera, 26, who had just months before predicted her own funeral perished in a horrifying car accident after dozing off while driving.

Beautiful 26-year-old Ariana Viera was scheduled to represent her country when, according to her distraught mother, she fell asleep at the wheel owing to exhaustion and crashed into a car in front of her.

The Venezuelan unfortunately passed away from her terrible injuries during the tragedy explosion in Orlando, Florida on July 13. She was scheduled to represent her nation at the Miss Latin America of the World 2023 pageant in the Dominican Republic in October.

Vivian Ochoa, her grieving mother, spoke with the local media and shared the horrific facts of her daughter’s passing.

According to Ochoa, her daughter was resuscitate twice while receiving assistance from paramedics at the site, but she passed on en route to the hospital.

After they revived her, Vivian told the local reporters, “she suffered a heart attack.”

Although they were able to revive her, she died while traveling to the trauma hospital.

“My girl fell asleep, she was exhausted,” the mom added.

The Venezuelan model was getting ready to compete in a beauty pageant in New York City when the accident occurred.

Ariana owned her own business, Full House Cleaning, in addition to having a burgeoning modeling career.

According to the local media, the victim’s father, who resides in Peru, attempted to arrange for a visa in time for his daughter’s funeral on July 16 but was purportedly granted the passport just one day in before.

On May 2, Ariana tragically shared a video of herself on her Instagram account, captioning it, “Filming myself for my upcoming funeral because it’s usually me in the videos, no one else does it.”

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