200 Senegalese people on a migrant boat that went missing off the Canary Islands

A migrant boat carrying 200 passengers that departed from Senegal has vanished off the Canary Islands.

The family members of individuals on board have not been in contact with them since they departed last month, according to the migrant relief organization Walking Borders on Sunday.

Reuters reports that two boats that left Senegal 15 days ago, one with roughly 65 people on board and the other with between 50 and 60, have been missing ever since.

According to Helena Maleno of Walking Borders, on June 27, a third boat departed Senegal with roughly 200 individuals on board.

The most crucial step is to track down those individuals. We need more planes to search for them since there are a lot of people missing in the sea, she told The Associated Press.

Since the boats left, there hasn’t been any communication, she added. Requests for response from the Senegalese and Spanish authorities were not immediately returned.

Three boats with refugees from Africa on board have all vanished.

According to the BBC, Spain’s maritime search and rescue organization, Salvamento Maritimo, is in charge of the hunt for the missing vessels in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Western Africa.

Families are really concerned. About 300 people hail from the same region of Senegal. According to Ms. Maleno, they departed because of the unrest in Senegal.

The fishing vessel is said to have left from Kafountine, a seaside settlement in southern Senegal.

According to Spain’s Efe news agency, there are a lot of kids on board the boats as well.

Nearly 1,700 migrants have reportedly perished while attempting to sail to the Canary Islands since 2021, according to the U.N.’s International Organization for Migration.

A migrant boat that was headed toward Greece when it sank in the Mediterranean was several weeks prior to the missing boat. According to the U.N., at least 79 people drowned, while hundreds remain missing.

A boat carrying migrants from Tunisia to Italy capsized in the Mediterranean on Sunday. 11 individuals were saved by rescuers, while 10 were still missing and one was found dead.

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